We build and service any type of server environments on site or at sever room hosting

Nowadays every one heard cloud computing, cloud backup, cloud service, cloud app and so on. Our company specialize with server and cloud platforms maintenance. We can provide all needs to your company from a little local server for you with DC, file shares, SQL server to Data center or cluster environments in cloud with several remote connected offices via secure VPN lines.

We can provide a complete server room and network infrastructure solution for your company. Starting with the laying of network cables and related network equipment including a server running both in a virtual environment and locally. We are also engaged in the installation and configuration of any types of software such as Microsoft server and all types of Linux systems. These systems can provide both a local file server with a SQL server and various types of local applications, as well as a web server with hosting and external access and secure connections for remote offices.

The first step: Our experts will draw up a design that is exactly suitable for the needs of your company.
Second step: Our technicians will lay and install all the necessary elements
Third step: Our experts will install all the necessary software with subsequent configuration
Fourth step: Our specialists will carry out full diagnostics and operability of all systems

We work only with professional equipment, so we not only guarantee the highest quality of work, but also high availability and stability of the deployed systems.

“ We are your bridge to the world of the Internet ”

Sasha Bitbroyt

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